Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stillness in cycle #3

I think I stumbled across the feeling of writers block.

Surely I should be bursting with information on day 7 of cycle #3 but my mind is still for some reason. It’s a strange feeling to be honest. Normally I would be on EB ten times a day, researching my every symptom and side effect …. But my latest post was about a bloody iPhone app.

Hmmm. Where did my crazy and obsessive nature towards IVF disappear to?  Trust me I don’t want to send out a search party but I’m trying to diagnose my latest feeling. Am I just becoming a regular to IVF? Or have I finally left my worrying nature behind …. and turned a corner? Time will tell.

………… Ah! Just thought of something to type about. Injections!

The manufacturing company that makes the drug Orgalutran has closed its doors for a month. This means there is now a worldwide shortage of the drug and thousands of women have had to cancel or delay their cycles. Devastating for some.

But I’m one of the lucky one’s. My FS has a secret storage of the drug under a generic name Cetrocide. Feeling grateful? Bursting with it. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Third time lucky?

For the past 12 months DH and I have debated on the following issues; moving house, more overseas travel, changing jobs and upgrading the cars. We decided to spend some money on the things we were compromising on our two year IVF journey.

Not once did we contemplate doing another IVF cycle. Strange? Not really. Having a break from IVF has been a blessing for our relationship. I did change jobs and DH has just upgraded his car. Two out of four ain’t bad.

But folks, it’s that time of the year again. IVF time.

Whilst it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 months since our last cycle, we feel it’s time to jump back on the IVF rollercoaster and ride it again. Highs and Lows, we’re ready! DH and I are stronger, we’re motivated and we’re remaining positive. It’s time to attempt this for the 3rd time.

Our FS has given us the green light and is happy with the latest sperm freezing results. We’re thrilled the new drug Arimidex has worked; DH’s swimmers are looking good and are waiting in the freezer for us to utilise.

My best friend asked if I’m nervous and funnily enough this time I’m not nervous about the outcome. My FS and I have a slightly different plan this time and to be honest, I know DH and I will be OK if the outcome is negative again. We have all the strength, love and support to get us through the roughest of patches.

Excited much? Hell yeah!